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We want YOU to Join our Board

If you are interested in music, have time for a volunteer position, and want to contribute to your community, we have a chair for you at our virtual boardroom table.

Our expectations are simple

Board members must:

  • Have past experience in a business that defined and managed its own budgets.

  • Be willing to devote 1 or more hours per month to the organization.

  • Commit to a two-year term with an option to renew for one additional term.

  • Actively participate in strategic planning and be active and participating member on at least one committee.

  • Attend at least 4 full board meetings per year plus appropriate committee meetings.

  • Adhere to Ukes for Schools code of conduct

  • Publicly support the work of Ukes for Schools in the Community

Interested? Submit your Expression of interest to Expression of Interest forms are available online at

Areas of opportunity

  • Fundraising. Special Events, Social Media

  • Board President, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Business and Finance

  • Development Director

  • Reporter

  • Kids Camp Cooridnator

  • IT Support and Web design

  • Public Outreach and Education


Guideline for Statement of Interest

We welcome your interest in becoming a Board Member. At the right are several areas of opportunity we are interested in filling. These are only a guideline and it is not important to address every bullet point. We offer the following items we would like to see in a Statement of Interest to the Board indication your interest.

Areas of opportunity

  • Fundraising, Special Events, Social Media

  • Business, finance, bookkeeping, Secretary

  • IT Support, Web design

  • Public Outreach and Education

  • Full name and address

  • Phone number and email address

List your employment history, including the company name, nature of the business, years of experience, job titles and job responsibilities. List your experience in some of the following areas:
  • Referring to the above areas of responsibility please indicate your involvement in these areas. Understand we have no expectation of years of experience in all these areas but thetr are areas we deal with year-round at Uks for Schools

  • Paid or volunteer experience with communities serving non-profit.

  • How did you hear about Ukes for Schools?

  • How many hours per month would you have to devote to Ukes for Schools?

  • Are you generally available for Board meeting?

  • Why are you interested in becoming a Board member?

  • What specific areas of interest are you interested in and how does your experience support your interest? (General areas are outlined above. Call us for further information)

This is just a general outline of items we would like to see. Your interest does not need to follow this outline or contain all of the items here. As an example, if you spend many years in Human Resources you should emphasize that area.
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